Troubleshooting Tips Can’t Open Sound Control Panel

Sometimes your system may display a message that the Sound Control Panel cannot be opened. There can be several reasons for this problem.

Click System > Sound > Sound Control Panel. Right click on our own device you are using to get the audio output and choose “Properties”. Open the “Advanced” tab. In the Exclusive Mode section, enable “Allow apps to compress this device in an exclusive manner.”

  1. Windows 10, Sound Not Working And Can’t Open Sound From Settings Related To Control Panel

    How do I open Sound in Control Panel?

    Use the Run Command Dialog or Command Prompt To open a specific Sound Control Panel window using the Run Command dialog box text box: Press Win + R to open the Run Command chat box. Enter control mmsys. Powerline signals and press Enter.

    So, I was playing online games normally, but the 24-hour sound stopped working. Since I tried to change the sound system but the sound never worked, I just thought I disabled the device to keep control of the panel, but I can’t even open the options, see the screenshot below -belowWindows 10 sound not working and can't open sound from site control panel f9805e18-1255-4304-a5b5-fd1dca3e7bb3?upload=true.png

    So I think it’s not a big problem. I tried asking the Microsoft community on Discord about many things, even tried publishing windows and reactivating windows from Sound Services.msc, but nothing worked. So, one guy warned me to reinstall House, but I didn’t do much online. Please help me solve this problem and restore my sound and situations!


  2. Sound settings do not launch sound control panel.

    Before my wife and I reformatted our computer, I always right-clicked on Showup Preferences and clicked “Open Showup Preferences”, which always affected my “Sound Control Part”. Whenever I read sound settings, the main settings options for Windows 10 and me now appear
    should be able to click “Sound Control Panel” on the right side of the window. My work computer doesn’t have this, so I’m pretty sure it’s another random setting that I can’t find.
    Windows, sound is not working and cannot detectChange control board audio settings 6c4fe2c4-082d-4f9d-93cf-a46aa7ed03d5?upload=true.png

    Windows sound is not working. Open sound settings from admin panel d961e797-0f53-4eaf-834f-6ed62138c42f?upload=true.png

  3. Control panel No sound: working

    I hope the screenshot is clear :

    Windows 10, sound is not working and sound settings are not available through control panel [​IMG]

    In truth, the window looks unfamiliar; You shouldn’t have any checkboxes. What activities have been discontinued?

    If applicable, this method applies to version 1903 (OS Build 18362.418)

    – 4 . – Updated – – –

    ok thanks, I submit a proposal for a precise driver update for “high definition audio device”. This brought back my brand new “Program Events” sounds.

    As for my other thing, I now remember that the speaker shows the enabled events icon.

  4. Windows 10, Sound Not Focusing And Unable To Open Solid Settings From Control Panel

    Sound temperatures do not open sound control panel.

    This is the default behavior. The fastest way to get back to the classic sound is to follow:

    Open Start, type: change sound card

    press Enter

Windows 10, Sound Not Working And Can’t Get Sound Settings In Control Panel

cannot open sound control panel

Discus already supports Windows 10, the sound does not work and cannot open the audience sound settings from the control table in Windows 10 drivers, but also the hardware to solve the problem. So I competed normally, but one day the sound stopped working. Like I was trying to put a mouse on the speakers but the sound still didn’t work, I thought…Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware discussion started by YashBavadiya49 on December 24, 2020

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