Troubleshooting An Outgoing Email Exchange That Is Stuck In The Queue An SMTP Protocol Error Has Occurred

It’s worth reading these repair tips if you’re getting an outgoing queue SMTP protocol error on your PC.

We’ve fixed an issue that was causing messages to be moved to queues connected to on-premises Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019 servers. An issue that could affect date validation is unhappy with the entire New Year shift and is likely not a bug in the engine itself A.V. This is a big problem that is not related to malware encoding or malware mechanism and it is also a real security issue. The version check represented by the signature file also crashes the malicious engine that blocks messages in transport queues.

We have now developed a workaround to address the issue of Tweets stuck in transport queues on Exchange Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2019 due to a hidden key date issue in virtually all signature executables by this Exchange Server malware scan engine. used. Client action is required to implement this solution. If the problem occurs, troubleshoot the application file event errors on the Exchange server, especially event 5300 in addition to event 1106 (FIPFS), as shown below:

Log name:Application 
Source: FIPFS
Entry: 01/01/2022 01:03:42
Event ID: 5300
Level: Error
Computer: server1 .contoso . com
Description: FIP-FS "Microsoft" scan engine hangs on loading. PID: 23092, code: error 0x80004005. Error description: "2201010001" cannot be converted to long.
Log Name: Application 
Written: fipfs 01/01/2022 11:47:16 AM
Event ID: 1106
Level: Error
Computer: server1.contoso .com Description : Failed to initialize FS FIP scan process. Error: 0x80004005. Error details: unknown error.

Automatic Use Of A Specific Solution

  • Download the script here:
  • Before executing the script, change the PowerShell script configuration policy and also run Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Run the script frequently on each Exchange Post Office server that downloads news about malware in your organization (use the EMC).
  • exchange outgoing e-mail stuck in queque smtp protocol error occurred

    This issue does not affect Edge Transport providers. You can run this software on several servers in the same way. After the script ends, you will see the result of reading:

    [PS] C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15Scripts>.Reset-ScanEngineVersion.ps1
    EXCH1 Stopping services...
    EXCH1 Deleting Microsoft Vehicle Engine folders.. .< br>Resetting EXCH1 metadata folder...
    Starting EXCH1 services...
    WARNING: Waiting for 'Microsoft Services Filtering Management Services (FMS)' to start...
    WARNING: Waiting for 'Service Filtering Management Service' Microsoft (FMS)' to start...
    WARNING: Waiting for the Microsoft Filtering Services (FMS) Management Service to start...
    WARNING: Waiting for the 'Microsoft Services Filtering Management Service (FMS)' to start. ..
    WARNING. Waiting for service 'Microsoft Exchange Transport (MSExchangeTransport)' to start...
    Starting EXCH1 Engine Update...
    Running EXCH1-DOM Administrator.
    Sign in to access
    Remote control is sent. >- -------
    [PS] C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV15Scripts>Get-EngineUpdateInformation

    Kernel: Microsoft
    Last checkout: 01/ 01/2022 08:58:22 -08:00
    Last update: 01/01/2022 20:58:31.PM -08:00

    EngineVersion: 1.1.18800.4SignatureVersion : 1.355.1227.0SignatureDateTime >> 01/01/2022 03:29:06 -08:00UpdateVersion : 2112330001 (Attention: above version series from 211233... also ok)UpdateStatus : UpdateAttemptSuccessful

    Using Manual Solution

    Instead of using a script, customers can also run solutions manually to fix the issue and add the service. To manually resolve this important issue, you must perform the following steps on the Exchange Mailbox server of each lender that downloads antimalware updates. Edge Transport servers are not affected by these issues.

    Check if the affected service is installed
    Run Get-EngineUpdateInformation and view the UpdateVersion information. If you start with “22…”, skip it. If the installed version leaves “21s…”, you don’t have to take any action.

    Remove found search engine and metadata
    1. Stop this Microsoft Filter Management Service. If you are prompted to also stop the specific Microsoft Exchange Transport Service, select Yes.
    2. Use manager task – make sure updateservice.exe is running.
    3. Delete folder: in %ProgramFiles%MicrosoftExchange ServerV15FIP-FSDataEnginesamd64Microsoft.
    4. Remove all documentation from the following Folders: %ProgramFiles%MicrosoftExchange ServerV15FIP-FSDataEnginesmetadata.

    Upgrade to the latest kernel
    1. Start Microsoft Filtering Management Services and Microsoft Exchange Service Transport.
    2. Open the EMC, navigate to the ServerV15Scripts scripts folder (%programfiles%microsoftexchange and stream to Update-MalwareFilteringServer.ps1 .

    Check for updated engine information
    1. In the control flow shell, run Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Forefront.Filtering.Management.Powershell
    2. Run Get-EngineUpdateInformation and verify that the UpdateVersion information is 2112330001 (or later)

    After switching engines, we might even recommend email confirmation that the stream is running and that FIPFS error events are not showing up in the application event log. No

    I’m sure this issue is affecting my connections. How to find out?
    Run the latest version of the specific HealthChecker (https://aka on every Exchange server in your organization and look for a FIP-FS warning that the server is affected. and further action is required.

    Is the solution to this problem automatedWhat?
    Implementing the solution will require action on the part of the client, and it may take some time to make the necessary changes, download these updated files, and clean up the queued route. The steps can be mechanized using the scan engine configuration script from or most likely done manually. Whether you complete each step automatically or manually, these people should be running nearly every Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019 server in place on your order. If you automatically use the appropriate script, you can run it on multiple servers in parallel. Long

    How will the automated trading script work?

    exchange outgoing e-mail stuck in queque smtp protocol error occurred

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