Solving The Problem With Openmpi Runtime Options

This user guide will help you if you have seen openmpi runtime options.

Each MCA framework has a top-level MCA setting that can be relied upon to decide which components to typically use in lessons. In other words, there was an MCA setting with the same name as any MCA environment (for example, btl) that could be used to include or exclude components depending on the particular runtime environment.

Tab contentfaces:

  1. What is Modular Component Architecture (MCA) related to?
  2. What are ICA settings?
  3. What frameworks are there in Open MPI?
  4. What frameworks are included in Open MPI v1.2 (and earlier frameworks)?
  5. What is normal in Open MPI v1.3?
  6. What frameworks remain in Open V1 mpi.4 (and later)?
  7. How do we know what components are in our own Open MPI installation?
  8. How do I reinstall my own components in an Open MPI installation?
  9. How to implement available MCA variables?
  10. How to control the value of MCA parameters?
  11. What are MCA Aggregate Parameter Files (AMCA)?
  12. Openmpi 런타임 매개변수
    Parâmetros De Tempo De Execução Do Openmpi
    Параметры времени выполнения Openmpi
    Parámetros De Tiempo De Ejecución De Openmpi
    Paramètres D’exécution Openmpi
    Parametry Wykonawcze Openmpi
    Parametri Di Runtime Di Openmpi
    Openmpi Runtime Parametrar