FIX: Ora-12545 Object Not Found

Over the past few days, some readers have reported encountering the ora-12545 object not found.

The reason for the ORA-12545 error is an unsuccessful marriage. This is because the particular host or target is not included in the specified Oracle options. It may also intermittently stop when trying to connect to the RAC database when the connection is not established, which can result in the connection being redirected to the wrong host.

ORA-12545: Broken connectionbecause the target node or object does not exist

Reason:The specified address is not valid at all or the program is running inassociated with does not exist.


Action:Checkaspects of ADDRESS were entered correctly; Almost allprobably the wrong parameter is the host name. Make sure exactlyexecutable for the host server (perhaps there is an "oracle"missing.) If using TCP/IP, overwrite TNSNAMES.ORA.Edit the file if you want to replace the hostname with the actualnumeric IP address and checkagain.

How do I fix Ora 01034?

To select ORA-01034, make sure the actual ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID files in /etc/oratab or sometimes /var/opt/oracle/oratab are properly included. As a last step to fixing the ORA-01034 issue and running DBUA, you need to make sure ORACLE_HOME is set to the "old" home and not the "new" home.

I have implemented sqlplus InstantClient on Mac OS X EI Captain.

ora-12545 object not found

I can connect the following command in the terminal

to a database with keyboard skills

I need to connect to a database without a complete connection string. I just need to enter sqlplus then I enter username and password, it's a reproach under the error.

ERROR:ORA-12545: Connection as destination host failed or could not exist

How do I connect to Sqlplus?

Open a working Windows command prompt.At the command prompt, enter the SQL*Plus command in the following form: c:> sqlplus.If you are sure, enter your Oracle9i username and password.SQL*Plus starts up and connects to the default database.

I don't know why I'm getting this error advice.

ora-12545 object not found

my database=(DESCRIPTION =    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL corresponds to TCP)(HOST = localhost) (PORT corresponds to 1521))        (            CONNECT_DATA=            (SERVER stands for DEDICATED)            (SERVICE_NAME is my database)        ))

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How do I fix ORA-12545 error?

Check the TNSNAMES.ORA entry to verify the hostname.Check the connection to the HOST.Use IP instead of HOST name in ADDRESS (HOST) TNSNAMES.If you can allow them access to the HOST, make sure Oracle and the listener are both present and working.

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