How To Fix Reading Errors In Parallels Windows XP?

Over the past few days, some users have reported parallels Windows XP disk read errors. In simple terms, hard disk failure can be caused by various reasons such as incorrect boot order, BIOS problem, IDE cable failure, MBR configuration error, hard disk usage error, etc. When you encounter such a big problem, no matter how many times you restart your P . C Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys keeps this particular error.


When someone launches a virtual appliance in Parallels Desktop, you get a disk read error in the rating message:


Can Parallels run Windows XP?

Parallels Desktop 14 supports Windows XP. A list of all supported guest operating systems can be found in the nature of the article.

Windows installation from this virtual machine is corrupted. This may be due to improper shutdown of the VM.


  1. parallels windows xp disk read error

    Open Time Machine and restore the music file “windows_name.pvm” (see location below). If you don’t have a backup, follow these steps.

  2. How do I fix hard drive read errors?

    Run an absolute desktop cleaner. This will remove all files that may be causing the memory error.defragment computers. Under certain conditions, this could solve the problem.Memory test.Check some cables.Test the resulting disc.Reset BIOS.Reinstall this computer’s memory.Replace memory.

    You can try to restore Windows by following the Windows Recovery guide:

  3. How do I fix disk read error Windows XP?

    Insert something from the Windows XP CD and migrate from there.On the Windows Options screen, press R to access the confidential Recovery Console.On the command line, enter the command version chkdsk: chkdsk C: /r. Be sure to update C: with the drive where Windows XP is installed.Press Enter.Restart your computer.

    Recovery using Windows CD/DVD/ISO:

  4. For Windows XP
  5. For Windows Vista/7
  6. For Windows 8/8.1
  7. For Windows 10
  8. Create a new virtual machine from scratch and try switching the virtual disk to the new one due to the corrupted virtual machine:
  9. Go to New Virtual Vehicle Related Configuration > Hardware > click the “+” in the lower left corner of each window and add a known hard drive file. Enter the path to the address in the dialog box that appears.
  10. You can also use third-party financial file recovery applications such as TestDisk or (free) DMDE (free trial).

Note. The previous applications are only examples of possible recovery applications that should be used. However, if you have difficulty stopping these applications, please contact support for each process separately.

If none of the above solutions work, the virtual server cannot be restored and users will need to create a new virtual machine to continue using Windows on their Mac. We recommend backing up your .pvm files folder regularly to avoid data loss.

  1. Hello everyone

    I will have a MacBook Pro running Windows XP via Parallels 3.0. However, for unknown reasons, Parallels Windows no longer started, and your error was “An error occurred while reading the DVD.” I updated Parallels 7 to .0 to try it out, it would be a good solution but it didn’t work.

    After reading some of our posts on this forum, I realized that I need to access the Windows Recovery Console in order to try and repair the Master Boot Record. Here’s the problem: Now when I start Windows, I get a Parallels message that says “Just sign in to fully update Windows to update your virtual machine.” Of course I can’t!

    For now, is there a way to access the Windows Recovery Console to try and fix my hard drive read error? Do I have to be limited to Parallels 3.0 to see this?

    Thanks for all the advice!

  2. The parallel message is that you need to say that youI need to install parallel tools on my VM along the way. It will probably be ignored for now. The VM should still start correctly without installing any device. Press Command + Option to turn off the mouse and switch between the virtual machine and the Mac until you get advice and install the Parallels tools.


  3. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much I can do… very soon after starting the shared VM, I usually get the error “A disk read error has occurred” and I also don’t think I’m actually running commands I can send to VM with this advantage? Is there a way to access the Windows Recovery Console to try and repair the MBR?

  4. Hello
    This can be caused by improper shutdown of a running virtual machine, system crash, and unstable power. Layered files or othersOther system files may be corrupted.

    Make this backup of the virtual trainer even if it doesn’t start. Copy the machine’s .PVM file (/User/Documents/Parallels/VM_NAME.pvm) to a remote or other secure location. items

    They can help you:
    get message “Error reading disk”
    Hard disk connection error ,

    You can report another issue to Parallels Technical Support
    “Help” menu – “Report a problem” – “Send a report”. Wait for the problem report to be submitted, remember or send the problem ID, or call the support team that handled the issue.

    parallels windows xp disk read error

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