How Can I Fix The Replicator Error? Invalid Or Non-existent Document

Today’s blog post is meant to help you when you receive an invalid document replicator or non-existent document.

What Happened

Did you try to selectsave, move or invalid document name in many cases becauseit is not alive. This can happen, i.e., for example, a click whenStickers refer to a document that has had most of it removed. You

Which Will Probably Work

Fix themTitle of the document and look again.



> I’m having a problem with replication:
> Monitoring message appears after database write:
> If failed Invalid document or non-existent.
> Does anyone know what this means?
> Suppose it’s a corrupted document? Does anyone know any tips on how to find the
>document wizard?

> Thank you
> Gertie

When you try to access this particular document in the data source,


This error can occur if the document is irreversibly damaged. • To remove damaged
from a document, use the Fixup utility. The
server console has the followingGeneral format:

Quote:>LOAD FIXUP filename

Filename is the specific name of the data file.

NOTE: Fixup should be able to remove corrupted documents mostly for good reason. Deleted
documents can be saved in the Miscellaneous view of the Notes journal.


> I’m having a problem with replication:
> After replicating a good database, the following message is displayed:
> failed Invalid and may be a non-existent document.
> Does the person have any idea what exactly it means?
> What to do if the document is damaged? Does anyone know how I can find
> the witch expression?

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replicator error invalid or nonexistent document

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replicator error invalid or nonexistent document

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  1. Dear Audience,

    We’ve been enjoying some returns lately:

    doc=view.Some getdocumentbykey(key,true)

    in our custom-made chemicals. Is valid

    However, the resulting “doc” option can be TRUE
    the last “doc” of the document does not contain a signature.
    Even doc.universalid is not just a valid or elementary method.

    We have already run “load fixup db.nsf” on the database server
    without some bugs and no database compression
    correctPlease correct the mistake.

    Domino version 5.0.13a is widely used on the server or version 5.0.11 on the client.
    The system operating system is the client part of Windows XP. Can I say that
    The business prospered for several years until about 6 years passed?

    My colleague deleted a lot of supposedly useless views
    plus – saving server resources, I would say updating / updating the task. But the note view
    the above is still legal and contains document
    which is recommended by “key” when opening the current view. “key” is really unique
    An attribute of this view.

    How to restore a usable database by restoring a replica
    ?another server as a database literally now takes up about 7-8 GB, and
    Replication during production frequently interrupted work4…8 hours?

    There is currently a vague possibility that these deletions of inflated views
    were the cause of common errors?

    What causes of database corruption can be known? Almost no information
    Pointers don’t get distorted when searching on Google?

    For Thanks again for your suggestions and sorry for my bad english.


    1. Thomas Fighting said:

      We only have some problems with:

      doc=view.Some getdocumentbykey(key,true)

      in our official, which work on the client side.Valid

      However, the symptomatology taken from “doc” is definitely TRUE
      the document with “doc” contains no facets.
      Even doc.universalid is also not a valid method or suggestion.